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Ethernet over copper (EoC) is the result of recent technology which facilitates 10 megabit per second (mbps) data over copper telephone lines for an extremely reasonable price. EoC is commonly referred to as the “new T1”. EoC provides many advantages over T1. Among these advantages are more bandwidth for less cost per mbps, simpler, less expensive equipment for interfacing with the customer premise equipment, and built-in circuit redundancy. EoC is delivered to the customer premise through five pairs of copper telephone wire. Virtually all businesses have extra pairs running to their building, or can receive them for free. For this reason, EoC is available to all businesses which are within the distance range of EoC.  

Ethernet can be delivered over DS1, DS3 , and wirelessly. Ethernet over DS1 (EoDS1) is delivered over 7 DS1 circuits. EoDS1 also provides 10 mbps, but is a little more expensive than EoC because the cost of DS1 loops must be calculated into the price. The great advantage of EoDS1 over EoC is that EoDS1 can be delivered to far more business locations because EoDS1 has no distance limitation from CO, other than loop cost. Generally, the longer the loop, the higher the cost. Ethernet over DS3 (EoDS3) provides ethernet service over DS3 circuits. EoDS3 can provide data transfer at 44, 88, or 100 mbps. Another big advantage of EoDS3 is that on premise routers are far less expensive to purchase, configure, and maintain than regular DS3 routers. Most telecom providers will install EoC for free with three year term contracts. There are almost never extra build-out costs required for installation of EoC.  

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